Super Blog Sunday

Instead of attending a Super Bowl party at my brother’s house where I’d typically be drinking beer, eating wings and kickin’ it back with the boys, I’m neck deep in video files, editing and html. Don’t let that fool you though, there sure are Bloody Mary’s involved.

I have always been an active writer and creating a blog was something I’ve always wanted to do. I have a personal journal that I write in regularly and I strongly believe in it’s therapeutic powers. My journal helps me work through my emotions and life’s challenges free of judgment and public opinion. There’s something about a fresh blank page that welcomes me in with open arms and whispers “free your mind”. And boy do I let it out. I sometimes wonder what people would think if they read my most deep and intimate thoughts. Then I remember exactly why it’s for my eyes only.

In this more public display of personal opinion, I am choosing to share my insights on all things I love and enjoy. My daily practices that fill me up with happiness and really lay the foundation for who I am as a person. Think of my categories as the building blocks of my character.

This website is providing me with tons of new learning experiences and I find myself challenged and extremely self motivated to make this a reliable source for information. I am in no way an expert on any of the categories I choose to talk about, but I do have a sufficient amount of experience and passion when it comes to each one. Although I found myself wanting to talk about everything under the sun, my categories were chosen wisely based on my consistent practice in hopes of mastering them all. The term “expert” will always be subjective anyway! What matters most to me is that I am providing you with content that is both fun and interesting, in hopes of making you happy.

Stay tuned for lots of fun posts and videos to come!

xo halpy