9 Day Nail Challenge

As a visual merchandiser, I am constantly hands on in my field. Whether it be knee deep in new inventory, boxes upon boxes bearing a plethora of packaging tape to tear open, or the dry and sometimes dusty shops I deal with (most department stores have drier air to prevent moisture from harming their inventory)…my nails take an absolute beating.

I go through phases of intense focus on trying to get my nails to grow and look lady like, but the daily agitation they deal with has left me with consistently cut up cuticles and sad looking fingers. So I decided to challenge myself to 9 full days of nail beautifying focus.

This morning, I gave myself a mini manicure and cleaned my nails up. I used two different cuticle treatments. An oil based cuticle remedy from Dead Sea products that allowed me to easily remove any overgrown cuticles with my cuticle cutter and Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream which is one I take on the go for maintaining soft nail beds throughout the day. I applied a clear coat of nail polish to help prevent picking and biting. Plus the added shine helps these short stubs look a little more feminine. Moisturizer is essential during these cold and dry days, so I finished my manicure with an olive oil based hand lotion. I will be monitoring my nail growth through out the challenge in hopes of keeping myself on track.

Who’s up for the challenge?! 9 days of nail loving starts now!

xo halpy