Road Warrior

This elephant followed all the signs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I work for a company that is centered around creating the most functional bags for the road warrior. It’s pretty convenient to be immersed in this particular culture since I am a huge fan of traveling myself. Be sure to check back for some detailed information on my trips to Israel, Italy, Thailand, Napa, Curacao, Hawaii and many many more!

I will be sharing must see place and photos from my own experiences. There are so many trips to go through and a million photos, so it’s a work in progress. My next trip planned is to Utila, Honduras where I will be getting certified to scuba dive! I am super excited to travel here as I’ve heard the reefs are some of the best to see in the world. I am also hoping to encounter a shark whale during the dives! I don’t watch much TV, but if I do it’s always tuned to HGTV and my boyfriend and I will be staying in a home that was featured on their show “1/2 Priced Paradise”.

I am also hoping to make a trip out to Colorado this April for some boarding!

Stay tuned for a closer look into the adventure.