Spice up the Stair Master: Plus Bosu Ball & TRX Training Tips

Doing the same thing at the gym over and over gets super boring. Spice up the Stair Master with these fun motions that will make your cardio session far more interesting and you’ll work your muscles even harder. These climbing variations will keep your heart rate up and you’ll be so distracted by the thought of trying not to trip that your work out will fly right on by!


To ensure proper form, try to keep your knees over your toes and avoid hyperextension. Only go as far as your body allows, don’t push yourself over the edge, because right over that edge sits a whole pile of painful injury. It’s good to feel your muscles burn and working but it’s important to recognize the difference between meeting your muscular threshold and exceeding your muscular threshold, which will result in pain.

Plus Bonus Bosu Ball and TRX Footage!