My outfit of the day consists of a soft, marbled V-neck Banana Republic Sweater that has super cute zippers on the sides (this was the true selling feature of this sweater!) I layered it on top of an oversized white button down by BDG from Urban Outfitters that was on sale for $39. This ensemble can be worn over jeans, leggings or a slip. I went with my favorite slip from Free People that I snagged at a mere $18 hidden on the sale rack and a pair of black knee highs (2 pairs for $22 at Urban Outfitters). The slip’s lace detailing at the bottom makes this look super feminine without compromising its edginess. I completed this outfit with a pair of low booties by Jeffery Campbell and a long pendant necklace.

This is a great example of how staple pieces can be transformed into a multitude of different looks and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to accumulate a variety of options! The key staples of this outfit are the sale slip and white button down.

I almost returned this slip when my parents told me I wasn’t allowed out in it alone and that it was meant to be worn under things. I quickly argued that it wasn’t a slip and was in fact a dress! This made the most logical sense because I was almost sure the slip game ended back in the 1970’s and I have never worn Free People’s Intimate Collection as actual intimates. I was also convinced that no one else did either. They to me are just a more delicate and sexy extension of Free People’s regular ready-to-wear. Sure, the majority of their styles need to be layered over something to prevent accidental mooning, but I never considered them as night gowns. Heck! Who would pay $100 for a night gown?! That’s what free oversized T-Shirts are for.

Then something in me clicked and I decided if it was in fact a slip, I was obligated to give it a chance to perform as one. And let me tell you, my slip game is stronger than ever now! This slip is one of my most frequently worn pieces and I haven’t strayed away from adding new kinds to my slip stash.

It’s important to stay creative with your clothing and to avoid designating your pieces to static functionality. Doing so, prevents you from having an extensively larger wardrobe than you would have anticipated. For example, an oversized white button down can function as a frock styled dress or relaxed styled shirt. Throw on a studded belt at your waist or layer on a leather jacket and you have two completely different looks with your white button down functioning as the perfect blank canvas for your creativity to blossom! Throw this button down over your swimsuit to turn it into the cutest cover up in your closet or tuck it into your jeans for cleaner lines and more shapely style. The options are pretty much endless!

The moral of this story besides “your parents are always right” is to stay creative and open your eyes to the endless potential of your favorite finds! Dig deep in the pits of those fiery sale racks!