Slice of Pizza for your Perspective?

Things change when you wear a smile and pack a positive attitude. I don’t mean to encourage anyone to obnoxiously run through shopping malls shouting and hugging random people or to go grocery shopping and help that old lady by feeling the same cantaloupes she’s holding in her hands and testing for ripeness while widely grinning in her face…

What I mean is to channel your positive energy and excitement into how you go about your daily life and fuse it into your everyday ordinary circumstances, allowing them to take on an entirely new life form of enjoyment. I notice a significant difference in how people treat me when I am sincerely nice and friendly first. Or maybe THEY were nice and friendly first, which made me reciprocate the attitude. OR MAYBE today was my lucky day and someone somewhere was giving every single person I came in contact with free pizza in exchange for being kind to me. Whatever it was, my day in DC was as pleasant as they get and I was determined to dissect why it felt so ominously different from my last trip here.

The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s all relative to taking on the right perspective. As much as I’d like to believe there was a bunch of free pizza going around today, it makes much more sense for me to look at my own perspective than to pizza.

Here I am in DC for business, same deal as last time. So let’s look at the differences…

  1. I put considerably more effort into how I look which seems to trigger some confidence inside myself that encourages more eye contact and friendly frequent smiling with strangers. My energy is directly correlated to how I feel internally and taking the time to make myself look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside helps me to both recognize and maintain these affirmative moods.
  2. I flew down as opposed to driving down which automatically saves me the stress and anxiety caused by traffic and helps steer me clear of drivers who waste my time because they lack the ability to merge. And most importantly, I just don’t enjoy driving.
  3. I got free fruit salad with my breakfast at the cost of having my eggs covered in greasy bacon. This is me looking at the positive here, of course.
  4. Checking in to the hotel was both pleasant and enjoyable. The gentleman I spoke with was so friendly he even showed me his wallet as we both discovered it was made by the company I work for. As a true fan of the brand I represent, he decided to take his kindness to another level by comping me with free internet and transportation to my stores!
  5. I had a delightful lunch a Le Pain Quotidien where my server was extremely polite and even hooked me up with that addicting Noisella Orangic Chocolate Spread, I just love so much.
  6. All of my business related conversations were enjoyable and proactive and I was even told on more than one occasion that I am extremely knowledgeable on both the brand and products I represent.

All of those positive interactions added up and I was a ray of sunshine, or something. Who knew for sure what caused this pleasantry, but I was in no way trying to fight it.

If you look into the world with good intentions, the world may just surprise you and throw them all right back. Or maybe it won’t right away because there’s too much negative fog clogging up the system. The important thing is to not get discouraged if it doesn’t always work so seamlessly or immediately. Karma is real and although it may not seem so all the time, it proves to pay out at a much higher rate to be a good person than a bad one.

Sure, on the rare occasion you catch someone on a bad day and no matter how kind you are, they just don’t have it in them to get on your level. It takes a lot of energy to be nice and often distractions prevent us from being able to commit to the challenge. This doesn’t mean you should start doubting that person’s ability to get there. Eventually they will get free pizza and pay it forward.

Everything in life is subjective and since we are all “lucky” enough to have our own sensitivities we are all dually forced to face the communication issues and misunderstandings that come along with them. If a perspective is like a burger, misapprehension is like the side of fries and frustration, the ketchup. How we embrace the noise and interruptions of understanding and turn it into positive perspective and kindness is how I measure goodness. And boy did I find goodness in the people I came across today. Maybe it’s something in the drinking water here in DC or maybe it was my killer All Saints Dress… all I know for sure is that I treated those around me how I hoped to be treated back and everything worked out just fine, for once.