The Sunless Tan

I believe everyone looks better sun kissed but the reality is that sun damage does more harm than good. In hopes of shying you away from the tanning bed, I’ve chosen two of my favorite self-tanning lotions to share with you.


Some Sunless Tanning Tips-

  • Always allow your lotion to dry completely before dressing to prevent staining your clothes
  • Wash your hands immediately after use to prevent staining your hands and especially your fingernails, applying a separate hand cream post application is always a good preventative measure against yellowing fingernail beds
  • Exfoliate well before applying so that the lotion goes on evenly
  • Use regular body lotion or a maintainer to help keep skin moisturized and to lock in the color between applications
  • If used before bed, avoid wearing tight clothes that will rub off the product
  • Monitor how your skin reacts to the products so that you avoid irritation
  • It’s always best to try new products on a small area of skin before applying to your entire body and face
  • Avoid contact with water of any kind 1-2 hours after application
  • Warning- these products do not usually contains sun screen so make sure you read the back before assuming it also functions as a skin protectant

Sun Self-Tanning Lotion in Ultra Dark Instant Tint (8 oz for around $22)

Tanning Time Frame: Noticeable tan in 2-3 Days

This lotion creates a deep tan for both face and body that is Paraben free and won’t clog your pores. It’s made from an all-natural sugar-based formula that leaves a bronzed look in just three hours. The lotion is dark during application and will stain your hands if not washed/scrubbed off immediately after use. For more fair skin, I recommend cutting this lotion with a neutral body lotion such a Lubriderm to help even out the shade. This lotion is recommended for all skin types and even hydrates as it tans. It also smells pretty good but the next lotion has a slightly more enjoyable scent.

Malibu Hemp Golden Glow Skin Firming Bronzing Moisturizer (18oz for around $15)

Tanning Time Frame: Noticeable tan in 4-7 Days

For more than double the product and a smaller price tag you can also turn your tan into a skin firming treatment. This product uses CoQ10 which firms and reduces wrinkles and Virgin Hemp Seed Oil provides ultra-hydration and moisture. This lotion goes on like any other, appearing almost colorless and smells lovely! The smell does slightly change as it dries but it is always pleasant. I’ve never stained an outfit with this brand because it dries almost instantly. I applied this lotion for 3 days over my entire body before noticing a difference in my skin color. My friends started to take notice by day 4 and I was asked a few times if I went tanning. Overall, this has been by far my FAVORITE sunless tanning lotion due to its great value and the minimal hassle that goes into its application.