What I’m Wearing- Accessories Spring 15

I’m keeping it simple this spring with some fun and transitional accessories that are both bold and feminine. Check out my instagram to see how I rock these looks plus more, all season long @ehalpy.

harnessThis Leather Harness

Where to get it: Urban Outfitters

How much is it: $39-79

How to Wear it: This piece is both bad ass and unique so it’s best to keep it simple. Layer over a flowy shirt, loose fitting cotton T or on top of an over-sided button down to help create more bodily shape. This piece alone will make your outfit look immediately more well thought out and will turn your most basic tops into a cooler and more trendy version of themselves.

floral wedges

Floral Wedges

Where to get it: DSW

How much is it: $49-89

How to Wear it: Make the most fun floral foot statement possible with these new trending patterns. They work almost too perfectly with jeans and minimalistic tops for an easy everyday style and also add that extra floral factor to your fun and flirty sundresses. Totally appropriate for both BBQs and Weddings Season. I own the Jessica Simpson Jeisha Wedge Sandal (the first wedge pictured priced at $59.95) and I plan to wear it with my new shift dress from Tobi.com (pictured left).

ruffled lace socksRuffle Lace Socks

Where to get it: American Apparel

How much is it: $12

Remember these cuties? Of course you do! They were all the rage when you were 7 and now it’s your chance to bring them back into your wardrobe on your own terms without your mom’s help in the morning. These lacey ladies look adorable with your favorite baby doll dress and are a fun and feminine way to show your cute and innocent side. Because let’s be real here, if you’re bold enough to rock these than you’re definitely in tune with more than just your cute side.

 The Tumi Luanda Flight Bag

Where to get it: Tumi.com

How much is it: $195

This ultra light-weight cross-body bag has been my best friend. We go everywhere together. Wether we’re at a work function, exploring a museum in NYC or at a bar in Midtown – she fits everything I need plus a little more, like my boyfriend’s car keys and sunglasses. And I think he loves her as much as I do for it. I love being hands-free and she’s the perfect size for all my necessities. Stay tuned for a post on “What’s in My Bag” where I’ll show you how functional she really is. (Yes, I realize calling her a “she” makes me sound a little crazy, but after working in visual merchandising for so long you start to refer to products as the gender they’re made for!)