The Mascara Match Up

Whether I’m at the mall, in the super market on the subway or a city sidewalk, there is one question I find myself constantly being asked.

“What kind of mascara do you use?”

This is a question asked by strangers, family members and friends and I always seem to struggle to remember the kind I applied that morning.

The issue here is that my answer is always different. I love trying new mascaras and I go through mascara phases just like any other makeup I am trying out to review for you all! There are so many great products out there that I feel obligated to give as many brands a go as possible in hopes of keeping my makeup potential limitless! Sure, I find my favorites along the way and end up keeping the best of the best with me in my makeup case for longer periods of time or as a reliable fall back. But this doesn’t stop me from trying out different types in hopes of being surprised with the unexpected outcome of topping my most prized mascaras!

There is no shying away from the fact that I am in LOVE with Mac’s In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara ($22). This whipped and ultra-lightweight formula has one of the blackest pigments on the market, enhancing your look and making your lashes both dark & dramatic. I love how this mascara catches from root to tip, adding extra volume and length along the way.

When it’s completely dried, your lashes won’t feel brittle. They’ll actually feel soft and flexible which other mascaras miss! This feature allows the mascara to work really well with your eyelash curler helping you lashes reach sky-high heights without clumping or flaking throughout the day. 3D Black Lash works best during the first 3 weeks of use. After week 3, the look starts to become less intense and more natural due to the reduced moisture and lower levels of product remaining. So be prepared to face the decision at the end of the month to either ditch the tube (collect 6 and get a free lipstick from MAC’s recycle program) or to purchase another tube to get back the intensity.

In my latest video, I compare my trusted MAC Mascara to the drug store brand, Maybelline and their Volume Express Mega Plush Mascara. This is Maybelline’s only gel-mousse based mascara and creates a really natural and touchable look. This product is also pretty good when it comes to not flaking and clumping but if you curl after applying, you’ll be more prone to mascara flakes than with the MAC brand. Both have proven themselves good enough to used in my regular makeup regimen but only one will be re-purchased.

Watch my Mascara Match Up video below to see the side-by-side comparison between these two brands and stay tuned for more mascara reviews to come!