5 Tips 4 Txting ur Grl

OMG LOL WTF did u just TXT

Fellas! Follow these 5 tips to help you perfect your texting game…

Text Tip #1: Don’t overdo it

Like anything in life, less is more. If you over text her, chances are she’ll be over you way sooner than you’d hope. There is nothing worse than meeting a guy for the first time and then the next day he doesn’t stop blowing up your phone. As much as we love to hate the suspense that comes with a guy who knows how to work the text game, this keeps us on our toes. We WANT to feel excited when that text comes through and that excitement can only be created through anticipation. Text her when she least expects it. And no! I am not encouraging you to not answer or respond and leave her hanging… just know when to walk away from an ended conversation, enough to keep her intrigued. This will also help you out when you’re first hanging out by ensuring that there’s plenty to talk about on the first few dates!

Text Tip #2: Don’t ask a girl out through a text

Unless you’re trying to hit it and quit it, the majority of the girls who you’d hope to eventually take home to mom would be more impressed by being asked out with your actual voice. A lot of guys like to hide behind texting, so by calling, you’re showing her you’re serious and aren’t afraid to go after what you want. The rule is 4. For the first 4 dates, you should call or she may just call it quits.

When things get more comfortable, texting is a perfectly acceptable and more casual way of making plans. But keep in mind, she’s only going to be more impressed if you keep up the calls for more than the expected 4. While you’re at it, continue opening doors for her too. Haven’t tried that yet? Most boys don’t do either of these things, so do yourself a favor and set yourself apart from the “boys.”

Text Tip #3: It’s perfectly ok to text after the date

Texting the girl after your date is totally ok. Just wait for her to at least get inside and settled first. Don’t be that guy texting “Miss you already” while you’re still parked outside her house…because she won’t answer you. Ever. 

An hour after a date (if it is a reasonable time of the day) is the minimum time to wait before you let your lady know you had a good time. Keep in mind this is definitely not the time to start playing 21 questions. You just made one of your first impressions and we need time to let our opinions marinate. A simple “Hey, I had a great time tonight. Hope you did to” is perfectly suitable! Other good examples include:

“Hey thanks for a great time tonight, I hope we can do it again soon” or reference something funny that happened to show her you’re clever and that you were paying attention.

The goal of the post text is to get one point across and one point only. You had fun and want to do it again. Keep it simple and clear. Games are for little boys and little girls. If this is done right, you’ll keep her intrigued enough to get that second date when you call her in a few days to ask her. Don’t wait more than a week unless you want to risk her forgetting about you!

Text Tip #4: Don’t text excessively in front of her

When you text constantly in front of anyone who is trying to keep your attention, they’re not going to be happy. How many times have you heard your parent’s dismay while you’re trying to send a text while they’re talking? Same goes for the ladies in your life. We don’t care who you’re texting, if you want to show us you’re interested then you will, by staying actively engaged during the time we spend together.

The cell should be for emergencies, music (to set the mood of course) or Google Maps ONLY. This rule applies in so many other situations too. Choose your texting time responsibly knowing that your distracted eyes and hands will show the one you’re with that your focus is on other things. A good question to ask yourself is, “would you rather be holding her hand or your phone?” If it’s your phone then don’t waste her time. Let the lady find a man who is actually interested or at least going to make the entire effort that comes along with dating. Then you’ll have plenty of alone time with your phone and hands when you’re all alone, late at night…

Text Tip #5: Don’t read our texts and we won’t read yours

So you nailed the first dates and owned your texting game like a boss. You’re dating for a few weeks now and you’re still learning about one another, but you’re both committed. This commitment to wooing her and her alone does not give you the authority to go through her phone. (Oh hell yeah for that unintended rhyme!)

We don’t care who you’re texting. Period. Unless you’re breaking text tip #4, then you’re GIVING us a reason to be concerned. If you give us a reason to believe we should be concerned, then we’ll address it. Mature women won’t go through your phone behind your back because mature women know better than to date guys who are untrustworthy. The same goes to you fellas. Don’t be a snoop! Date the girl you trust and that girl alone. And if you get the feeling that there’s something going on and it’s not her planning your surprise birthday party… then voice your concerns. If you’re concerned about the level of one of her relationships with her best “guy friend” then ask her about it. An open dialogue is the best kind and shows that you two are working to become a killer couple AND best friends.

Talking about your “feelings” is a huge component of being in a serious relationship. If you aren’t capable of talking about the way she makes you feel, (both good and bad) then you most certainly aren’t capable of being in a relationship. Because she deserves that at the absolute LEAST!

I’ll be here with regularly updated, first hand insight on a variety of topics, keeping you in the loop on how us ladies think, in hopes of getting you to the top of your game! Put these texting tips to the test and see how they work for you. Feel free to leave your feedback and comments for others to read and learn from!