The Power of the Flower

No, I’m not talking about the power that a beautiful bouquet of flowers will have over your woman. I’m talking about the lapel flower that is a sure fire win for you gentleman this spring and they won’t die on you in a week. Fabric lapel flowers are one of my favorite looks and they show the ladies that you’re not afraid to be daring with your wardrobe, even if it’s in a really small way. This is a perfect way for the guys who are a little afraid to take wardrobe risks to spice up their look and impress everyone at the office.

Your lapel flowers can range in color, pattern and detailing to keep things interesting
Your lapel flowers can range in color, pattern and detailing to keep things interesting

I can’t imagine it being an easy thing for you fellas to spice up your work wardrobe as quickly as the seasons change so this is a perfect way to brighten up your look while taking your dapperness to the next level. Below is a great suit style that I am a huge fan of:

And here are these same looks enhanced with a lapel flower:

This little accessory is the perfect baby step to improving your style. Pair with a patterned tie that compliments your flower choice (pictured right) and a shiny tie clip and your colleagues will think you fell right off a page from GQ. You can also make this look a little more casual by losing the tie and instead throwing on just a dress shirt with a little more detailing like stripes (pictured left). A pop of color is encouraged to really show you’re a man who takes pride in his style and isn’t afraid to be daring and different. And a man who embodies these qualities will always be a step ahead in my book.

The best part about this post is that I am making these and selling them to my readers for only $12-$15 each! Stock up on a bunch of designs to keep your look interesting all spring long.

Place an order for a custom lapel flower made by yours truly by commenting below or sending an email to Stay tuned for some samples to be featured both here and on Instagram! @ehalpy