How to Start your Health Legacy

Our culture puts so much attention on the human physique. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in health and fitness (for the mental and physical benefits) but the kind of obsession our social environments are creating is causing people to take their “health practices” to truly unhealthy places.

One of the most frightening realities is that this kind of obsession exists so prominently in our culture. It makes me think how our lives would be changed without the media setting unrealistic expectations for the human body. What would “healthy” look like then?

Just like your diet and health, there’s no “right” time to start creating your legacy. The world we live in forces us to make decisions everyday that challenge our commitment to a healthy lifestyle. While these challenges are hitting us head on, we are also fed idealized images of what “healthy” is supposed to look like. Coping with this overdose of imagery and “quick fixes” is tainting all the beauty that comes with being human. And with the human condition, comes all shapes and sizes, some healthier than others, but all real.

This post aims to provide you with a great solution to making your health practices, human again

The concept of “what is healthy” is subjective, so I’ll clarify what healthy means to me:

Healthy: actively maintaining both a mental and physical balance that supports your relationships, idealization of “self” and enhances your agility and physical capabilities.

My good friend Brian is the epitome of healthy and he is also one of the nicest and most positive guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The only thing that trumps his kindness is his extreme work ethic and physical endurance. Brian’s athleticism, physical and mental health have become something I truly admire and strive to simulate.

I am here to share with you one of his most impressing achievements thus far, but I can guarantee it won’t be his last, and that’s the official opening of his baby, his pride and joy, Legacy Athletic Club. The solution to making your fitness regiment fulfilling both mentally and physically.

This athletic club promotes the concept of “conquering all of life’s obstacles” through real human agility training. They also aim to help you train to successfully tackle and complete all of your physical endurance events such as Spartan Races, Fitness Challenges, Half-Marathons/Relays, and a variety of other events. They like to tackle these events as a group which I find to be both motivational and empowering! The club even plans some of their workouts in places outside of the gym facility to keep its members challenged with new and exciting obstacles.

Legacy Athletic Club creates the ultimate atmosphere for both individual growth and team building, providing you with the option to either train one-on-one or in groups. In the end, they hope to bring everyone together to crush these competitions and create a legacy of new-age functional athletic training!

What they believe:

  • Your fitness program should be as unique as you are
  • Humans should not be limited by conventional and boring gyms, but inspired and challenged to be better humans
  • You should train with purpose and live with passion (God, I just love this one!)
  • You are human so train like one
  • Their new-age functional training facility, revolutionized fitness programs and friendly coaches will help you train the dynamic way human bodies were meant to move and conquer your obstacles in life (both literally and figuratively, of course.)

Legacy is dedicated to inspiring others to live their life to the fullest, change their frame of reference of what’s possible and improve their quality of life. I don’t know what more you could ask for in a gym facility. Legacy Athletic Club checks off all my boxes.


What they focus on:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Performance Enhancement
  • & Weight Management

The best part is, if you sign up now it’s only $29 per month for the Open Gym package and there’s no sign up fee. They also offer Cross Training packages for either 3 classes per week or unlimited classes.

The cross training classes include Boot Camp, Spartan SGX, Olympic Weightlifting, Triathlon Training, Shred Boxing, and Fitness Yoga. Holy smokes, I’m out of breathe just typing all that! And if that’s not enough, they ALSO offer personal training.

I highly recommend paying Brian and his baby, I mean, athletic club a visit when they open in June at 45 Horse Hill Road, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey and make sure you visit their website to lock in these rates!

So athlete, how will you create your legacy? What does healthy mean to you?