Spring is in the Hair

For a few weeks now, spring has been in the air and then it wasn’t… and then it was again. Now Memorial Day is around the corner and we’re all starting to set our eyes on summer. The season of cropped tops, cut off jeans and quite possibly the worst time of year to manage your hair. But before we do get in full blown summer mode, let’s enjoy the last weeks of spring by mastering the big hair blow out! This will give you plenty of time to practice your blow drying form so that when fall makes an appearance, your hair falls in nothing but perfect curls!

I like to use the seasons as markers for when I should be getting my hair trimmed and my layers re-cut. This helps to ensure I am keeping it healthy by giving it attention about every 3 months. So when spring had officially sprung, I was due for a trim with my stylist, Erika. And since the summer months are filled with excessive amounts of sun and salt water my next cut will be just before Labor Day (maintaining that 3 month mark).

After my most recent visit with Erika, my stylist of over 10 years, she kindly offered to let me share her styling secrets with you all!

Erika is from Nadia’s Hair Salon in Englishtown, NJ and the salon is offering 25% off any service to my amazing readers! So be sure to book an appointment today and say “Halpy Hair” to receive the discount on any one service of your choice!

Watching Erika over the years has hepled me practice and perfect my blowout. In the footage below, we share some of our favorite tips and tricks for locking in those springy spring waves.