The Evolution of the Suit Standard

I was talking with my dad the other night about how the suit standard has evolved since he was a working professional (he now works for himself, spending a lot of time in his warehouse and can dress however he likes, hardly ever choosing a tie let alone anything but a worn pair of jeans).

On the streets of New York City.Suiting styles, especially in the warmer months, have started to incorporate a variety of unconventional textures, colors and pairings. Dress shoes are quickly being replaced by sleek and stylish dress sneakers and ties and tailored trousers are becoming obsolete. New Yorkers are hanging up their old-fashioned suit and ties for a more trendy, youthful and unconventional style that is quickly becoming the norm. As the working world slowly embraces the scruff and blazer with fitted sweat joggers, style expectations will continue to evolve and transition. Because what kind of generation would we be if we didn’t push the standards set by those before us?

These fashion forward looks convey ease while still proving you put significant enough effort into your style.

The freedom to try these more casual styles out truly depends on your working environment. For instance, I don’t think you’re going to pull off the blazer-shorts combo as a man on Wall Street but I could easily see the guy at the Tech Start-Up rolling up to a meeting after replacing his button down for a more casual, V-neck cotton T.

Take a look at some of the styles these working professionals were caught rocking on the streets of New York and feel free to use them as inspiration to updating your work attire. Just make sure you don’t go push the style limits farther than the most fashion forward guys in your office. Use your co-workers style choices as a guide for what’s acceptable and what’s not. If someone’s getting negative feedback about his choices from a senior manager, it wouldn’t be a good idea to follow in their footsteps.

It’s always better to play it safe when it comes to dressing for the office. If you’re starting a new job or experiencing a new working environment with your company, it’s always better to dress more conservative than you think they’d ever expect you to. After you get more exposure to both the company’s dress code and expectations, you can start changing up your look within these accepted limits.

Don’t be discouraged if you know for sure your office is traditional with the dress code. These are looks you can easily rock at the next wedding you’re attending or why not try it for a night out with your girl? Dressing up and getting creative with your looks keeps things interesting and will only help to build your self-confidence. Why would any man choose to be basic by rocking a band T-shirt when he can easily spice it up and stand out by layering it with a fitter blazer? Boys dress for convenience while men dress to impress.