Who Wears Short Short Swim Shorts?

P1010300Ladies and gentleman alike will appreciate all this post has to offer.

My favorite summer trend for guys is the cropped swim trunk. These bad boys are only for the bold, who are willing to bear the highest peaks of their upper thighs. Both the beach babes and your self-confidence will appreciate the minimized awkward tan lines courtesy of these slammin’ swim trunks.

I can promise you that the cropped swim trunk is significantly more flattering than those long board shorts that have been captivating crowds of beach boys for way longer than they should have ever been allowed. Those longer swim trunks leave me so confused. Are they capris? Why are they so long? And when they’re wet, aren’t they uncomfortable swishing in between your legs?

P1010306Guys! Keep cool this summer and let those legs breathe! Plus! There’s no better way to earn credit for those vigorous leg days at the gym than by showing as much of them off as possible without compromising a beach wardrobe malfunction more commonly caused by rocking a full blown banana hammock.

From sea to shining sea, the cropped swim trunk is making a come back.  And ladies, encourage your man to bare all! The beach deserves to see more of the male body. After all, our bathing suit options seem to just get smaller and smaller each summer, so it’s only fair to keep the same standard for our boys!

Original Penguin is my choice in brand for this particular style. They have a bunch of options in both cut and color and the prices are very reasonable. Cody purchased his solid blue trunks on Dapper Man from Touch of Modern and his American Flag suit at Cotton On. Most major department stores offer a good assortment both in stores and online.

Share your favorite looks in the comments section for the sake of pale upper thighs across America.