The Gentleman of the Road Tour- Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons proved to be the biggest gentleman of the road after playing this Saturday evening on the beach in Seaside Heights.

thumb_IMG_1609_1024There is usually nothing classy and gentleman-like about the boardwalk at Seaside but this past weekend, campers and festival-goers were all on their best behavior. The campgrounds were pretty lively but in a relaxed way where you could enjoy yourself without going overboard. There are few things greater than being able to crack open a cold beer, put your feet in the sand and face to the wind softly flowing off the waves of the Atlantic. This environment was different from other festivals I’ve been to where people drink too much and belligerently ruin it for everyone. At the Gentleman of the Road Tour, I could truly appreciate each and every morning waking up to the crashing sound of the waves, all cuddled up with Cody in my little tent/fort.


The Lineup Day 1:

  • The Very Best
    • Highlights: apparently don’t live up to their name because I can think of a few better bands on the lineup for the weekend
  • Blake Mills
    • Highlights: couldn’t tell you, weren’t memorable enough
  • Dawes
    • Highlights: getting the whole crowd to sing the chorus
  • Alabama Shakes
    • Highlights: the best vocalist, such great feel-good music and a heck of a performance

The Lineup Day 2:

  • Little May
    • Highlights: sadly, I missed you Little May.
  • Jeff the Brotherhood
    • Highlights: none, not a fan of their heavy style
  • The Maccabees
    • Highlights: took a really nice nap towards the middle of their set
  • The Vaccines
    • Highlights: pretty sure I was still napping
  • Jenny Lewis
    • Highlights: she took a slice of pizza from the audience and sang with it in her hand for a bit, but really, Jenny just wasted a good plain slice
  • The Flaming Lips
    • Highlights: lots of confetti and balloons, rainbows and giant mushrooms, questionable outfit choices and eerie noises
  • Mumford & Sons
    • The HIGHLIGHT of the weekend and one of the best shows I’ve seen to date.

thumb_IMG_1641_1024In my opinion, the lineup was questionable and I only truly enjoyed the Alabama Shakes & of course, Mumford & Son’s. Unfortunately, we just missed Little May’s set and were forced to listen to one of the most random lineups I’ve ever witnessed until Mumford took the stage. To make the best of it, we enjoyed some IPAs and giant slices of tomato pies to fill our time in between. After having a spot pretty close to the stage, we opted for an area a little further back on the beach to avoid being constantly pushed and blocked. I also built a little sand ledge to help me see over the crowd. The hardest thing about seeing live shows for me is being so short!

Apart from the fried Oreos and funnel cakes, it was Mumford & Sons who truly packed out an entire beach and made the weekend all worthwhile. Pair their song lyrics with amusing stage presence and add in some of their casual in between song banter and you can expect a performance of a lifetime.