Halpy Hair Day with NuMe’s Titan 3

P1010847There’s nothing I love more than a good hair day. And by “good hair day” I mean that my hair will last AND look good ALL DAY long. If your hair’s volume only lasts as long as the Snap Chat you took to capture all your good hair glory, then you need to try something new.

Because as quickly as your Snap Story’s seconds tick down, the time your volume lasts, ticks down too. Flattening out at the top and losing all the body you worked so hard to achieve. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t got time for that!

I have naturally wavy hair that usually dries nicely on the bottom but pretty flat and ugly on top. In the past, I’ve always turned to my blow dryer to tackle this issue and although it gave me my desired volume it also completely eliminated my natural waves, preventing me from finding a happy balance and achieving my desired Beach Wavy look. But with my new Titan 3 wand by NuMe, I can finally get all the volume without compensating on my desired style. This is my new favorite styling tool because it allows me to embrace my natural waves and also provides maximum volume that lasts all day long.

With 3 different barrel sizes to choose from, you have styling options and flexibility when it comes to deciding how tight of a curl you’re in the mood for. My favorite is the 32 mm because it creates waves that match closely to my natural hair so I can curl my whole head or just a few pieces that need some extra love. But I use all 3 depending on what style I am trying to create. You can easily use two different sized barrels during one style session to keep the texture of your look interesting and dynamic.

titan 3The Titan 3’s 3 strong, 100% titanium barrels (19mm, 25mm, and 32mm) are built for hair that has difficulty holding a curl. It is super easy to change the barrels and this product also comes with a heat-resistant styling glove to prevent any accidental burning mishaps!

What you can expect:

  • LONG-LASTING HOLD: I styled my hair Sunday morning and went to a Graduation party in the afternoon where I got more than a few compliments and questions on how I kept it so nice and voluminous in the humidity! I slept on my hair that night expecting I would have to touch my look up in the morning before work but the curls stayed perfectly! The curls fell just a bit creating an even more natural look for a Monday at the office.
  • OPTIONS: Feel like creating a tighter curl? Or how about some beach bouncy waves? Your curl size options are endless and all of your hair needs will be met with this one styling tool. You can also create a Shirley Temple style ringlet or a loose S-Wave depending on how you choose to wrap your hair around the wand.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STYLING COMFORT: The Titan 3 is so easy to use and doesn’t cause any wrist or arm pain like a heavy blow dryer. It’s also light and small enough to easily pack with you in your weekend bag. Replace the blow dryer for this bad boy and you’ll have enough weight and room for an extra pair of heels.
  • HIGH HEAT WITHOUT THE DAMAGE: High heat locks in your look but doesn’t damage your hair. The one 5-10 second time period you have to wrap your hair around the wand to create a curl causes significantly less heat damage than blowing out a section of hair over and over and over again.
  • EASY TOUCH UPS: Touch ups are easy the next day allowing you to extend your look for as long as 3-4 days depending on your hair’s thickness! Don’t want to bring the wand with you? Pack some styling cream or mousse in place of the wand and your curls should hold well enough that you can maintain your look without it.

Why you want a NuMe Wand over an old-fashioned curling iron:

  • Curling irons leave creases
  • Curling irons only create one type of ringlet curl that doesn’t look natural
  • Curling irons don’t provide you with interchangeable barrel size options
  • With a curling iron, it’s much easier to accidentally get your hair caught in the clip which is often painful and uncomfortable


The Titan 3 by NuMe is my choice in clip-less curling wands and you can try it for yourself or any other NuMe products by using these exclusive codes!



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Have a Halpy Hair Day!