See with your Eyes, not your iPhones 

Mickey Mouse is getting the picture and it’s not from a selfie stick. Disney theme parks recently put a ban on selfie sticks for the safety issues they cause during rides and entertainment. Hopefully this course of action will pave the way to the good old days when people would enjoy and experience life with their eyes and not their iPhones. The list of banned sticks continues to grow at museums, music festivals and sports venues.

I am tired of going to shows and concerts where I can’t see the performance because the sea of people in front of me is holding up their iPhones. Let’s be honest here, not one of those people are filming to re-watch the entire show later. The majority of these people will cut that 37 minute video down to the best 15 seconds for Instagram. And a good majority are filming it on SnapChat where the video will literally expire within a few designated seconds and living up to only 24 hours.

Having to watch an entire performance from a smart phone screen for 15 seconds of insta fame enrages me. Why can’t people snap a quick little video and be done with it? I know that once I get a good shot for the blog or to share with friends my phone is down and my hands are in the air dancing to the music or wrapped around my boyfriend, swaying to the beat.

Put the iPhones down people and see with your eyes. Maybe the moment will be so meaningful you don’t have to share it in order to achieve satisfaction.