Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Even though Julie assigns each juice with a number (one through six) highlighted on the label to let me know the proper order to drink them in, I still messed up and drank my Spicy Lemonade for breakfast and my Morning Glory for brunch. In the sake of my sanity, I am assuming that this isn’t catastrophic and doesn’t cancel out my hard work.

Julie suggests that you should consume each JUS two to three hours apart, but ultimately stresses that you should listen to your body and drink whenever it tells you it is hungry. I had my first juice at 9am, my second at noon and my third at 4pm. So obviously I am slacking a little with maintaining these suggested time frames but I am only drinking when I feel hungry. In addition to the juice, I am allowed to drink an unlimited amount of water and consume the following:

  • 1-2 cups of coffee with only natural sweetener like Truvia or Stevia (I plan to stay away from coffee all together and instead opt in for a tea substitute).
  • Green Tea
  • A moderate amount of raw or steamed vegetable greens and egg whites
  • Sugar-free gum

The foods should only be consumed if absolutely necessary. I went for a work lunch and brought along my juice & ordered steamed broccoli and hot tea. The broccoli was probably only necessary since I’m behind on my juice schedule. I don’t intend to consume anything else for the rest of the day but juice.

The Juices

I am supposed to kick off my day with Morning Glory, a juice packed with nutrient rich greens such as kale, romaine and spinach that claims to have enough protein to keep me full and the proper energy to get my day going. But I had this for lunch and I also ended up eating steamed broccoli with it because I was just too hungry. Who knew eating broccoli would make me feel guilty.

For brunch, I “indulged” in the Spicy Lemonade, created from lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It’s similar to what is known as the classic “master cleanse” detox and it’s intended to pump up your vitamin C and rev your metabolism to get things heated up. This took me a full hour to drink because I accidently drank it for breakfast and the spice first thing in the morning was a little difficult to get down. Hopefully when I get the order down tomorrow, I will enjoy it a little more.

Next up, which I just cracked open (a little later than expected) is the Sweet Spin; made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango. This is an acclaimed favorite and as I’m sipping, I can totally see why. It’s just the right amount of sweet to be satisfying.

More than halfway through the day of cleansing, I can expect to be treated with something sweet to keep me going. This juice will be Julie’s famous Chia Berry and Acai Blend.

For dinner I am awaiting something a bit more hearty like, Island Coconut, a thicker, specialty drink intended to keep me full and satisfied, packed with a variety of nutrients and healthy fats.

Lucky me, I get to enjoy an X-treme Greens before bed so that I will wake up feeling rejuvenated! Which, like the name is jam packed with greens.

6 juices in total per day and so far I am three deep and my tummy feels satisfied. With each juice I feel a sense of relief but overall I feel good to go! Drinking lots of water seems to help and the only noticeable side effect I’ve experienced so far is that my over-all energy is down, but that could be because it’s Monday morning! I feel like I’m in a slight fog but it’s probably my body just adjusting to the lower caloric intake.

Stay tuned for more feedback as the cleanse continues!