The Death of the Diet Starts with Juice

juice bundleTomorrow I am taking on a three day juice cleanse in hopes of giving my body a fresh start and kicking the diet to the curb. The death of the diet is my idea of forgoing the see-saw health binges I put myself through and committing to a more consistent lifestyle where my smart eating habits become innate and second nature.

All of these summer BBQ’s have left me feeling a little sluggish and after a little stunt in the E.R due to digestive issues, I’m ready to make some serious changes to my eating habits. I want to be able to go to a BBQ and make smart choices on what I put into my body so that I don’t feel guilty and bloated the next day. My overall goal is to better support my active lifestyle and this needs to be handled first and foremost in the kitchen. Although I plan to keep my gym time down to a minimum while cleansing, as soon as I finish the cleanse on Thursday, I am committed to pursuing healthy eating habits and pushing my body to achieve the results I want. Now that it’s blogged, there’s no turning back!

Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. And this is the reality that I struggle with most. I love food and my portion control isn’t always the best. Training myself to be diligent and consistent in making smart & healthy eating choices has always been an ongoing battle. I get on the health train for a few days and feel great but then pizza magically appears in front of my face and I just don’t know how to turn it down. So my next plan of attack after I give in to the pizza, is portion control. Ok, ok, one slice won’t kill me. But once I break my focus, it’s super difficult to get it back and that one slice turns into one now and one after a night of vodka clubs at the club. I’ve juiced before and it definitely isn’t easy but it’s the perfect way to kick start a change in your eating habits and to promote healthy bodily function and rejuvenation. With these changes, I plan to still have one cheat meal a week where I don’t beat myself up for indulging a little. After all, if I can commit to only one cheat meal a week, then that cheat meal was well earned!

diet cycle

I am calling for a death to the diet because I need this to be more than just a healthy fling. The word “diet” has the word “die” in it, proving that they all eventually end. My choice today is not temporary. I am choosing to make a lifestyle change that will last and endure throughout the years encouraging a long, healthy and happy life. I am capable of committing to this lifestyle because I crave it far more than chocolate and more consistently than Chipotle. Treats like those won’t satisfy me like successfully reaching my fitness goals will. So it’s time to cut the garbage out and put in the effort to achieve the results I want to see in my body. Both internally & externally!

The Classic Cleanse I am taking on tomorrow is by JUS by Julie and it’s a healthy obsession I hope to continue monthly. Follow my juice story here on the blog and stay tuned for reviews and feedback from my own personal experience!


3 Day Classic Juice Cleanse by Julie

A three day juice cleanse is a quick and easy way to restart your body and start fresh. The cleanse is designed to rid your body of unwanted toxins that cause your body pain, bloating and discomfort. Our three day juice cleanse consists of 18 uniquely blended juices, allowing you 6 juices a day. We have designed the cleanse so that your body gets the maximum amount of nutritional benefits in a quick three days. Upon finishing the cleanse you will most likely feel a renewed sense of energy- thanks to ridding of the toxins, a noticeable decrease in cravings, and a side effect of weight loss. Our cleanse allows you to transition back to a healthy diet as soon as you complete the three days so that you can get right back to catering to your busy lives.

Additionally, our juices are freshly made every morning through our unique blending process that is designed to maintain the fiber of all the ingredients, as this will help your body feel full and nourished all day long.