Juice Cleanse: Completed

Yesterday, was the final stretch of my Jus by Julie cleanse and I felt more motivated than ever… to go right to bed so that I could chew again! I have officially completed my cleanse and I feel lighter, less bloated and have tons of energy. On Sunday night, the evening before I started the cleanse, I weighed in at 121 lbs. and today I am weighing in at 117 lbs. That’s a loss of 4 lbs.! Now I am super anxious to get back into my gym routine since I skipped the past 3 days due to my lower calorie intake.

Post Cleanse Photos:

I highly recommend this cleanse because the juices were delicious and satisfying. And who doesn’t like losing a few pounds and inches? My only concern was that the 5th juice of the day (or my “dinner” juice) was hearty, contained the most fat and was sweet, so once I finished it, I had no appetite for juice #6, X-Treme Greens. This dinner replacement juice was my favorite of the day and practically put me in a food coma because I drank it so quickly. But after having such a sweet treat I couldn’t get myself to go back to the greens before bed. Since I have these “after dinner” juices left, I will incorporate them into my post-cleanse meal plan.juice header

Throughout the cleanse, my stomach didn’t rumble once (until yesterday when I was late for my second juice of the day). That hunger was quickly pacified by the Spicy Lemonade. So as long as you stay on schedule and are regimented, you shouldn’t feel hungry. If you miss chewing, sugar-free gum is great way to trick your brain into thinking it’s eating and I also had one super small serving of steamed or raw green vegetables every day. I figured since I wasn’t drinking my last juice, the vegetables in the middle of the day were a good trade-off. I didn’t have any caffeine during the course of my cleanse so when I had a cup of coffee this morning, I was bouncing off the walls with energy!

This is a great way to kick start clean eating. The only thing is that the weight will just come right back if you’re not careful! The post-cleanse meal plan is crucial to achieving long lasting results regarding your weight and bodily function. I will probably do another cleanse sometime in September but in the meantime, I hope clean eating will help me maintain my results.

Today’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with all natural sweetener & almond milk, Greek Yogurt
  • Lunch: Vegetable packed salad with 2 tbsp. of feta cheese and 4 tbsp. of balsamic
  • Snack: Corn and black bean salad
  • Dinner: X-Treme Greens Juice with fresh fruit (cherries & blueberries)
  • Snack: Banana with 2 tbsp. almond butter