P1010948am one Halpy girl to share with you a special promo to receive 30% off any package from my favorite juice company, Jus by Julie ! Use code: “HALPYJUS”. 

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What Julie has to say:

With this program, you’ll be consuming an average of 800-900 calories a day so when it comes to exercise, listen to your body. If you feel up to it, go for that workout. If not, it’s ok to take the day off to rest. I personally decided to take my 3 days of cleansing off from the gym and I plan to do the same in the future. As for a one day cleanse, I think the gym would be totally manageable.


The Jus by Julie Difference:

  • Made fresh every morning through a unique blending process, designed to maintain, rather than discard (like cold-pressed juices do) the fiber of every ingredient, leaving your body feeling fuller and nourished longer
  • These juices include the entire fruit and vegetable, while cold pressed juices discard all the natural fiber and pulp necessary for detoxification 
  • These cleanses are designed to rid your body of toxins while also helping to avoid blood sugar crashes, by keeping your nutrition levels stabilized 
  • No fatigue or hunger because your drinking a juice almost every 2 hours and your getting the nutrients your body needs
  • The juices taste great and are enjoyable compared to other brands
  • Juices are gluten free, kosher, non-dairy and lactose free
  • Schedule delivery right to your door for the morning you want to kick start your cleanse
  • JUSes last frozen for up to 3 WEEKS and refrigerated for up to 3 DAYS
  • If you do not plan on starting your cleanse right away, keep your JUSes frozen until you are ready to enjoy them. Since they do not use preservatives or additives, they are highly perishable
  • Know exactly what you’re drinking, it’s right on the label
  • Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Reduces bloating and helps to cut those last few inches
  • Don’t feel limited, you can still have coffee and green tea as long as you use all natural sweeteners
  • You can also chew sugar free gum!
  • If you do feel fatigued, it’s ok to “indulge” in a small portion of raw or steamed greens and if you really need it, egg whites
  • Feel confident in your post cleanse commitment because with every cleanse comes a post cleanse meal plan