Debating to Debate the Debate 

While the democrats are struggling to find candidates, the republicans had plenty of representatives tonight fighting for the spotlight.

Will there ever be a candidate that perfectly aligns with each and every one of our expectations for a leader? No, because what we expect from our president differentiates across all people and places. I find myself looking at the pool of candidates and hoping that one may be the total package. But then I realize that my total package is completely different from everyone else’s so what does it really matter what I want? These platforms cater to the mass population and focus on where the strongest support and votes will come from.

“We are weak when we’re divided”

…yet we still struggle to be united as a country aiming to accomplish the same agenda. Each and every person has their own idea of what a “perfect” world would be. And I can’t help but question the integrity of the candidates in our political environment. Because if you really think about it, what are these potential presidents trying to accomplish? They find a platform that has the greatest population of supporters and then they roll with it. That becomes what they then believe in so how are we to trust their intent? All of these candidates are trying to be the cool kid in the USA, sitting at the most popular table in the White House cafeteria. But which ones are being true to who they really are and want to be?

Hell, I admire Trump for being who he is and not changing to be politically correct. No, that does not necessarily mean I agree with him or his platform but he has forever shaken up the election experience by maintaining his authentic self. He is the same man we’ve watched shamelessly “fire” people because he couldn’t see them successfully leading one of his companies.

I don’t believe in polluting my Facebook feed with political beliefs, but I certainly have questions when it comes to how we create the political atmosphere our country operates within.

While we’d like to believe that we are the United States of America, moving forward and learning from our mistakes, we are divided in two. Thus provoking our struggle to find common platforms to support and reform consistently across the country, potentially setting us back with every election.

In no way do I consider myself “politically active” but I am always attempting to better educate myself. This post is in no way intended to be a debate on the debate but rather exists to be thought provoking and thus encourages taking on a potential new perspective on the bigger political picture. I totally get that it’s impossible to make every one in America halpy, but I have to hope that there’s a leader out there with a genuine interest to do just that.