16 Things I Believe

1. I believe that we should kill em’ with kindness. Because if you’re kind that’s the only kinda killing you should be doing. And maybe some dance moves to go along with it.

2.I believe puppies were sent from heaven to make your insides melt into butter. Perhaps when they lick your face, this is what they smell.

3. I believe in keeping the door to my flow of positive energy open so that whoever wants to enjoy it, can come right on in.

4. I believe in being emotionally connected to your loved ones so that when you laugh and cry together it not only ignites all of your senses but allows you to share a moment of euphoria.


I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason. Keep the lessons you learn and the memories you’ve created with you no matter if the people stick with them or not.


I believe in doing good out of the goodness of your heart, not because you hope to gain something in return.


I believe in berry lipsticks and the ability they have to turn bad hair days into good by the power of distraction.


I believe that Angel Hair pasta is the best kind of pasta. Always. No matter what sauce it’s served with.


I believe in the power of a good story, whether it be a novel or in novel conversation.


I believe that exercise is the best energy creating activity, no matter how much energy it may take, the amount it creates is tenfold.


I believe that sharing little pieces of who we are in creative writing prompts is a healthy outlet for self-expression. Hence, the category “Halpyness” on here.


I believe in Burrata. Feta. Muenster. Mozzarella. Gouda. Cheddar. Pecorino Romano. Parmigiano-Reggiano. With a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on the side.


I believe it’s bad luck to do 13 reps of any work out. Stay lucky and aim higher. Try 18 to be extra safe.


I believe in a thing called love… just listen to the rhythm of your…


I believe you know the last word to 14.


I try to believe in myself every single day. And when I do, it makes it all too easy.