The Perfect Morning Run

The best way to explore a city is to go for a run.

All you need is your hotel room key, a credit card (for emergencies or a coffee stop on the way home), your cellphone for music and headphones. No plan or map required.

There are no maps to follow, no people to tell you where to go. You just take the street that you feel like exploring next. Not only is this a great way to break a sweat but it’s my absolute favorite way to discover a new city.

IMG_1914This morning I started my workout in the Hotel gym. While running on the treadmill and staring out into the beautiful city of Boston, I found myself longing to be outside. So, I grabbed the essentials mentioned above, and hit the pavement. The weather was perfect with the early morning air still crisp and cool from the night before and I ran, uninhibited by street signs or directions and found myself further into Boston than I have yet to go before. This run was so enjoyable and probably the best work out I have ever had due to the fact that I didn’t feel like I was working out.

I felt like I was going exactly where I wanted to go without any pressure or obligation. True freedom to explore and be distracted by whatever I chose next. I was engulfed in all the architecture and shaded by the overgrown trees. Yes this city has trees! And they are big and beautiful. The sleepiness of Boston in the early morning was calming. While there was still some hustle and bustle from morning commuters, the city still felt quaint and comfortable. Unlike New York where the hustle gives me anxiety, here it felt homey.


By the time I worked up an appetite I was en route back to the hotel and I found the Wired Puppy. This place is heaven on earth. A coffee shop catered to people and their pets. I grabbed an Ice Coffee and made some small talk with the barista and some puppy moms. This is my new favorite coffee shop due to it’s puppy loving ways.

A big part of which hotel I decide to book is based on how good their gym is, but now I find this less of a deal-breaker. I plan to explore all of the new cities I encounter with a run every morning, uncovering a little more with each and every step.