15 More Things You Might Have Not Known, But Now You Do

1. 15% of all posts online include an ‘e-laugh’. I didn’t know there was a technical term for laughing online, but go figure you just throw an “e” in front.

2. Next time you enjoy some spicy quac remember to thank the Aztecs. Even though dog, grasshopper, and worms were food staples in Aztec culture, they also indulged in things more culturally palatable to us, namely chocolate and guacamole.

3. Science says, you can blame your parents for making you a Drama Queen. So next time it feels like the world is ending, drop the line “It’s all your fault!”

4. Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year (over 11 pounds per person) which is actually far less than most Europeans.

5. This study found that ‘haha’ trumped ‘lol’ to convey laughter online and that 52% of people use a single type of laugh while 20% use two types. I guess the remaining 28% don’t find anything about this funny.

6. This backpack lets you abseil down multi-story buildings to escape fires or to sneak out of places you shouldn’t have been in the first place.

7.Mark Wahlberg was charged in his mid-teens with attempted murder when he assaulted two different Vietnamese men.

8. Target is removing gender labels from the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ departments, including toys and bedding, after customers complained about gender stereotyping.

9. Today (Aug 14th) is National Creamsicle Day while tomorrow is National Relaxation Day and National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. You know how to celebrate.

10. To determine which states are the most popular tourism destinations, more than 87,000 hotel bookings were analyzed: (1) California, (2) Florida, (3) Nevada, (4) Texas, and (5) New York.

11. Justin Timberlake’s middle name is Randall.

12. My middle name is Taylor.

13. According to Google, a cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost. More research is emerging suggesting that it may also help prevent diabetes and lower the risk of liver disease.

14. Milly the Chihuahua is the smallest living dog at only 9.65 centimeters.

15.There’s about 270 calories in a plain slice of pizza.