12 Makeup Mistakes

1. Wearing waterproof mascara everyday will dry out your lashes. And since it is very difficult to remove, it will cause you to lose some lashes in the process. Avoid wearing it every day and save it for special events where you think you’ll need the extra hold.

2. Bronzer should never be used all over your entire face. This is best used for creating a contour and accentuating your features. Although everyone’s bronzer should be applied according to their facial structure, creating a 3 on the side of your face is usually a quick match for most.

3. Makeup has an expiration date for a reason. Expired mascara can cause eye infections and won’t give you the lash look you desire. Picture, dry and clumpy. While expired foundations can cause skin irritation. If you can’t remember when you bought it, throw it out.

4. Using a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows can make them look overdone and unnatural. I recommend using an eyebrow powder, or an eye shadow (I use MAC eye shadow in “Brun”) to fill in sparse spots with a small angled brush. Always focus more powder on the bottom of the brow creating the angle you desire before blending.

5. Your makeup brushes should be cleaned every month. MAC sells a great brush cleanser or you can use a gentle shampoo. Make sure you leave time for them to dry overnight.

6. Make sure you match your primer and foundation with the same base ingredients. If your primer is water-based, your foundation should be too. Same goes for silicone-based.

7. Spend time doing research or partner with a professional to ensure you’re properly accentuating your facial features. Not all eyes should be lined the same and some should shy away from bottom liner all together.

8. Lining the bottom of your eyes with a dark color will make your eyes look smaller, try a white liner to make your eyes pop.

9. If you completely fill in your lips with liner you won’t have to worry about the border line from showing when/if your lipstick fades. Filling in your entire lips with liner will also help the lipstick last longer.

10. Wait 10 minutes after moisturizing before applying your makeup to ensure that it has completely dried.

11. Don’t forget to finish your look with translucent powder and to pack a compact with you for the day. All of your hard work will go to waste if you don’t set it properly and powder touch-ups are encourages throughout the day for fine-tuning.

12. Your blush application should start at the apples of your cheeks and continue along your cheekbone, stopping at your temple. Blend well to avoid an unnatural and doll like look. You can always build the color more so be sure to start out lightly with both pigment and pressure.