Happy Campers

14 happy campers have been looking forward to this past weekend all summer. What felt like an endless group chat filled with bear puns and planning, finally turned into the perfect camp site on a tiny lake up in the Poconos and white water rafting on the Lehigh River.

After pitching our tents up on Friday night by the lake, we did what campers do best. We grilled up some burgers, played games around the fire and made s’mores with Oreos and Reese’s cups. Because why not.

The highlights of our camping trip include:

  • The clearest sky Saturday night for star gazing. There is far less light pollution out in the Poconos really demonstrating the true potential of the twinkle, twinkle.
  • The white water rafting challenge where we showed no mercy and did everything in our rafting power to win. Win what you ask? We’re not entirely sure, but we sure as hell got off that river and felt like champions. Hopefully they’ll send our trophies for “Most Impressive 360s on White Water” in the mail…
  • In true pirate fashion, our raft attempted to take people hostage from other rafts, which provided plenty of entertainment.
  • Rick cooking up the best breakfast sandwiches on the open fire (bacon, egg and cheese on a potato bun.)
  • Being off the grid for a whole weekend without a need for electricity.
  • Quality time with Cody and all of his close home town friends and their awesome girlfriends. Who I am lucky to consider friends of my own.

Our Camping Necessities:

  • Air Mattress with Battery Pump
  • This tent for under $100
  • Cooler with 5 bags of ice (2 day supply)
  • Wireless Speaker
  • Battery operated lanterns with an adjustable dimming feature
  • Bug spray and citronella candles