Friday’s 15 Things You Didn’t Know and Now You Do

1.There are 125 days until Christmas. This doesn’t mean be “that guy” who puts their lights up before Halloween. To get the countdown in seconds click here.

2.And Halloween is in 70 days. Last year’s most popular costume was Frozen’s Elsa. But realistically, you probably already knew that.

3. In 1983, Motorola made history with the world’s first commercial portable cell phone, costing consumers a whopping $3,995 at the time. So the new iPhone 7 Plus/S/C (whatever it’s going to be called) is looking pretty cheap comparably.

4.The first call made on the Motorola phone was to competitor, Bell Systems telling them that the race to perfect cellular tech was over and Motorola had won.

5.Samuel Morse’s first telegraph message was “what hath God wrought” and Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call “Watson, come here. I want to see you”.

6.The call from Martin Cooper at Motorola to Joel Engel from Bell Systems reportedly said something like, “I’m ringing you just to see if my call sounds good at your end.”

7.Microsoft is considering developing clothes that alert you when you have an email. As if the notifications we already receive aren’t obnoxious enough, now we have the option to be physically shocked.

8.This summer has been a season for shark attacks, leaving beaches around the world empty. But the likelihood that the average person will die from a shark attack is relatively low. In fact, sharks don’t even place in the top 10 deadliest animals to humans.

9.Other than humans killing humans during periods of war, most years, the mosquito is actually the deadliest creature to causing the most human deaths.

10. Today (Aug 21st) is National Spumoni Day. You know how to celebrate.

11.Click here for a list of the most expensive cars in the world. The Maybach Exelero will cost you about $8 Million.

12.The most expensive car crash in motor history appears to have been by Christopher Cox, who crashed while driving his Ferrari 250 GTO and destroyed its front end. The car itself was valued at around $30 million.

13.These SUVs have been pimped out so much that they provide their riders with options for mobile offices, bathrooms, gyms and media centers.


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