Friday’s 5 Things

1.It only costs about $49,114 a year to raise a family in Morristown, Tennessee, but if you move to Washington DC, that expense more that doubles, to $106,493. Click here for a list of the cost of living expenses in the 20 major US cities.

2.Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump vowed to stop eating Milk’s Favorite Cookie, citing Oreo’s decision to close a plant in Chicago and move it to Mexico.


A family living in New York City’s annual necessities cost an estimated $98,724, about $8,227 a month. I wonder if that includes Seamless deliveries or not.

4. There’s a tropical storm coming this Monday, literally with MY name on it (except I spell Erica with a “c”). I hear she’s bad. Real bad. So bad she’s expected to hit hurricane status upon arrival.

5.This weekend is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.