16 Thoughts While Cleaning Out My Closet

As a new season approaches, I find it only appropriate to reorganize my life. And by life, I mean closet. I attempt to re-shop my closet every season in hopes of clearing out and donating the things I never wear in order to make room for the new. Here are 15 thoughts that go through my head during the process:

one. I haven’t worn this shirt in 3 years but I shouldn’t get rid of it just yet. There’s still hope. Right?

two. Ok. I’ll keep it. But if I don’t wear it in the next month then it’s outta here.

three. There has to be a better way to fit all of this in here.

four. So THIS is where my favorite jeans were hiding all along.

five. I don’t remember getting these shoes. Are they mine? Where did they come from?

six. They would actually look great with that shirt I never wear. Never mind, they’re WAY too high. I can’t walk in these. There’s no way they’re mine.

seven. I HATE hangers. Why won’t you stay on!

eight. Oh, here’s the box for those shoes… I guess they are mine. Why would I get shoes I can’t walk in? Heck, it hurts to just stand in them.

nine. What’s all this? Why are there peppermints all over my closet floor?


These peppermints are stale.


So this is where all my bobby pins end up.


Ok, I’ll try to color coordinate.

thirteen. Or maybe I’ll just organize by silhouette.

Man, I have WAY too much stuff.


Why doesn’t my closet look like Sarah Jessica Parker’s?

I really need to go shopping.