Take Off Trends

beep beep beep The alarm goes off and you’re about to get dressed for the airport. What do you grab? Those Lululemon athletic pants, a well-worn T, gym sneakers and a hoodie. A style I like to refer to as, “Airport Cozy” but it really just looks like you’re about to go for a run around the luggage carousel.

The above mentioned is a summed up version of how my mornings dressing for the airport used to take place. But now that I travel for business and leisure, I’ve realized it’s time to change my ways. I’m officially updating my travel style to “Airport Chic”. I have no plans to be “that girl” who travels in stilettos, but I do plan to look less like I just rolled out of bed (which is always the reality of the situation) and more like the bomb.com (just don’t use that lingo when you arrive at the airport).

Solving the Jean Dilemma:

Don’t let the idea of a longer flight scare you aware from wearing jeans. Jeans these days are made to be super comfortable and incorporate enough spandex material to give your body the flexibility and comfort you need for all-day wear. Think about how often you wear jeans to work (or how much you wish you could). Whether you’re sitting at a desk or on a plane, you’ll have the same level of comfort when you pick the right jean. Choose a boyfriend cut for a casual look and a skinny jean to show off your shape.

jbrand jeans

J Brand makes my favorite jeans for everyday wear because they never stop hugging me in all the right places. I prefer their Mid-Rise Capri cut because they offer a slimming shape and fit my leg length perfectly. Their Capri style fits me like a regular, full-length, skinny jean and I don’t have to hem or roll them up. The best option for all you shorties out there!


If jeans just aren’t your thing, then these joggers from PacSun are also a great option. Go for the Camo print for some added dimension or the tan for a more neutral look.

Solving The Chill dilemma:

Airplanes are places of extremes. When you’re waiting to take-off, it’s super hot and uncomfortable. And when you’re finally in the air, they blast the air conditioning, chilling you to the bones. It’s inevitable, no matter how tropical your final destination may be, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for the travel experience. No one wants to show up in paradise and immediately start sweating! So traveling with a scarf or wrap is the perfect solution for the airplane chill because it can be worn a multitude of ways and be adjusted as needed. You can even wear it in paradise to protect you from a light evening breeze at the beach or from the AC in a restaurant. The best part about this accessory is that you can choose how loose or tight it’s wrapped around you, leaving you in total control over how much heat you want to trap in. It also provides fashion flexibility by functioning as a shawl, scarf or wrap, at a moments notice.


I love American Apparel’s Unisex Circle Scarf because its super soft and cozy. But if you prefer a regular wrap and not a circular one, I’d go with this option from J.Crew or this one from Nordstrom. The blanket wrap will also make a major appearance this fall, leaving you with a bunch of options for adding some extra warmth!

Solving The Shirt Dilemma:

Cozy and comfy is what we’re trying to achieve here, without actually looking like that every crossed our mind. The perfect way to build this in-flight look is to accessorize, but with elements that support comfort instead of hindering it. A graphic-t is the perfect way to make a statement without compromising comfort.

If you’re going to wear a sweater then a muscle tee is also a great option. I love all of these graphic tops from Urban. When choosing your graphic tee,  be sure to let your personality show! After all, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting at a security checkpoint with a not-too-friendly TSA person. Maybe if you rock a funny one, you can even make them smile.milly tees

These Milly Graphic Tees from Nordstrom are simple but still add some fun to your look.

Solving The Shoe Dilemma:

Checkpoint Friendly shoes are a must because you don’t want to be the one holding up the security line. Toms makes the perfect slip on that provides everything you need in both the style and accessibility categories. You’ll feel good wearing these because of their comfort AND because with every pair you purchase, they give a pair to a person in need.


Next time you’re traveling don’t compromise style for comfort because with these looks, you can have both!