101 Halpy Posts

I‘ve officially hit 100 posts! In fact, this post makes 101. It blows my mind that I’ve thought of 100 things to share with you in such a short period of time. Blogging really does make time fly right on by.

Thanks WordPress! I’m just as excited as you are!

Ever since I was little, I took to writing for self-expression and exploration. And because of this, I quickly learned that it was by far the best way for me to work through all of the thoughts fiercely flowing in my head. I’ve made blank pages bleed with ink and have left random revelations all over the place, causing me to unexpectedly stumble upon them while cleaning my room or looking for something that’s lost. It’s really nice finding these written words because it encourages me to reflect on how I felt in that moment in time and to then see it from where I stand then and there.

Looking back to where halpydays all started- it took me months to decide if I should pull the trigger. But once I purchased my domain name, everything else just seemed to fall right into place. The posts seem to generate themselves. And with every one, I learn something new about myself. Writing this blog helps me to self reflect for improvement in my writing style and creates a special space of my own (almost!) that embodies everything I hold true to my self-identity. As much as it’s all mine, it’s really just as much all yours.

101 posts I’ve shared with people I both know and do not know. Knowing this causes me pressure to seek to show the best possible version of myself for all of you to see. But in reality we all have good days and we all have bad. We all have days where we are who we want to be and days where we are everything we strive to shy away from. I’ve tried to show just enough vulnerability in this sacred but very public space so that my readers can get a genuine sense of who I am and what I stand for. Not every post has been happy but each and every single one has been entirely halpy.

In honor of the good, the bad and the ugly, I’ll be sharing a few random thoughts jotted down throughout the years that have always stuck close to my heart. These were all saved and then found in journals, on sticky notes, in notepads and in randomly saved Word documents.

I like to think that the words we choose to describe our world says a lot about who we are. Maybe even more so than a photo. Because the words I write will always hold who I am within them and hidden between the lines my narrative technique will always be home to my very unique and special perspective.

I have always found much more beauty and intimacy in written words than spoken ones. We are always so quick to say what comes to mind but what we choose to inscribe takes careful deliberation.

There’s beauty within realization at the last minute. It’s hidden between breaths, entirely within it.

To give without expectations is the most self-less trait of them all. But when you’ve given all you’ve got, who will catch you when you fall?

If Happiness if a choice, then I’m a mess of options.

Come on love, stay a while. You’re always given up too soon. But if you do decide to go, I swear to chase you to the moon.

This love is long, it holds no bounds and stretches there and back. let’s walk the 238 thousand miles, write our story in our tracks.

Over thinking through the noise is what causes all the cracks. Take me in with every breath, let go and then relax.

the second, third and fourth attempts you made on me in june, led me to taste your notes and dance to your lovely tune.

be careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.

I’m told that fate makes fun of us. It gives us nothing but promises everything. When happiness seems within our reach, we reach out and find ourselves like fools.

I write because there are thoughts my voice is too scared to share and things my  mind struggles to make sense of. So here’s to me, figuring it out. Little by little, day by day, with each touch of pen to paper.

out of sight out of mind, wrong time love is the worst of its kind.

I want you, can’t have you. Had to walk away. Go on with the motions thinking you might come back to me someday.

Heavy heart uncertain, i’ll be damned. If I just felt the perfect love, slip right through my hands.

I’m putting you away. Out of sight. Out of mind. Because a wrong time love is the worst of its kind.

the possibility killed, taking away the chance for a good thing. But I’ll still hope it’s you on the line with every ring.

heart aches and head aches from all the booze and the tears. with every touch you laid on me, out went rushing all my fears.

i’ll miss every feeling, your hands weaved between mine. But I have to believe that it’s only a matter of time until this numb turns to fine.

I’ll put you out of sight, in hopes it will keep you far out of mind. because you are my wrong time love, and you were far too easy to find.

Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with halpydays! Here’s to 101 more posts of pure halpyness.