Hoboken City Challenge

This past Saturday, I ran the Hoboken City Challenge with Team Legacy. Afterwards, in true Crunch & Brunch fashion, we celebrated our success with a delicious and well earned brunch at the Ainsworth. Be sure to check out Legacy Athletic Club which is officially open in Cedar Knolls, NJ. This will be the only place to get the proper training in for these types of events!

Here are some of the obstacles the challenge consisted of:

Caravan Parkour
Heavy Bag Gauntlet
Military Tire Obstacle
Cinder Block Carry
Rope Climb
Climbing Walls
Battle Rope Jumps

Water Jug Carry
Sand bag Sprint
Cargo net Climbs
Sumo Squat Kettle Bell Swings
Ladder Wall Climb

The Legacy Athletic Club Team!

I finished the race in 41 minutes and 29 seconds, placing 3rd in my age group, 8th out of all females and 39th overall. Over 1,000 people took on the challenge along the Hoboken waterfront. I found this obstacle course to be both fun and challenging. These challenges are the perfect way to stay motivated in the gym and to take your training out of your comfort zone. I’m looking forward to signing up for another one soon to keep my training on track!

There’s no better place to train for conquering life’s obstacles than Legacy Athletic Club.

hoboken city challenge