I spend a significant amount of time thinking about what I should blog about next. The less I think about it, the easier it becomes because I then focus my time on just living. And that’s where my best content comes from. This is a lifestyle blog after all. Emphasis on the word “life”!

I stumbled upon this Facebook status last night referring to the rumors of Facebook using your content, unless you post a chain status that supposedly “protects you”. (I won’t even get into if you believed that or not because it’s just so silly):  

In which I replied: 

I think it was his response that resonated with me so much. What we talk about, we bring to life. What we choose to focus our attention on becomes what we value and what we protect with the opinion we generate based on it. So why don’t we talk about time? Like Sharone said, “it’s the most valuable thing we’ve got”. 

Of course, if we talked about time too much, it would take away from it. But talking about it just enough to remind ourselves that how we choose to spend it is important. Maybe the most important. 

Time is valuable and no one will ever know how much they have left. No one knows how much their loved ones have left. Knowing this to be true and that the only thing in life that’s guaranteed is death and taxes (my dad’s favorite saying), how we choose to spend our time will ultimately create whatever legacy we leave behind and will be how those we spent it with, remember us.

Every second spent aimlessly scrolling though our newsfeeds is time we could have used to do something more fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about checking in on the book and seeing what our networks are up to. But it’s crucial to always keep in mind that our very precious time could always be spent in more productive ways. 

In the hopes of not becoming a slave to social media, time is what I am choosing to bring to life. Because a few of the things I value most are experience, adventure and spending time with loved ones. And my time for all of these things can easily be taken away by the things we are led to believe keep us connected and in tune with the world. But something tells me that I will feel much more connected to the world from spending my time putting myself out there and in it as opposed to looking at it from a backlit screen. Which I am hypocritically doing right now, as I blog on my iPhone on the bus to work. Hey it’s all about balance, right?