12 Things Every Man Should Keep at His Desk

According to Business Insider, there are 12 must-have things to keep at your desk. Here’s what made the cut with my personal input added of course… because hey, this is my blog.

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Pens, notebooks, folders and highlighters are no longer the only things you should have at your desk to feel prepared. There are 12 things that should be in or around every man’s desk that you may not always think to have, until you need them. Take action before it’s too late and prepare for the inevitable by adding these things to your cubicle:

A blazer

If your office doesn’t require one, it’s important to have one handy just in-case you have a surprise client meeting. It’s always best to be prepared as you never know what will find it’s way onto your calendar.

An extra pair of shoes

These will be referred to as your Plan-B shoes just in-case you step in something or get caught in the rain. Heck, enjoy a Pina Colada in them too after you get out of the rain.

An extra pair of socks

Because if your shoes got soaked, the chances of your socks staying dry are slim to none.

A comfortable pair of headphones

Listening to music at work can actually make you more productive.

An emergency stick of deodorant

You get all the way to the office and you realize you forgot to apply, or you just need to freshen up mid-day, making this item is a must have.

A sturdy umbrella

It wasn’t raining when you came into the office but it sure is pouring now. No worries, you were prepared! Save your suit and keep your peace of mind by having this at your desk at all times. Just don’t forget to bring it back after you leave the office with it.

An extra phone charger

By this point in time, you’ve probably realized that this should be coming with you everywhere. It’s also a good idea to consider investing in a portable one for when you’re not at your desk.

Vitamin C supplements

Save those sick days for snowboarding. These will be a life-saver and a Sick-Day saver come the cold winter months.

A lint brush

Especially if you have a furry friend at home that loves to kiss you good-bye.

Disposable toothbrushes

At lunch, you loaded your Chipotle burrito bowl with peppers and onions. After scarfing it down you realize your next meeting is in 10 minutes… no one likes bad breath. Those Colgate Wisps also double as toothpicks so you can ensure there’s nothing left over in there before your presentation!

Chewing gum

For the same reasons listed above and because this will add a second layer of protection from bad breath. Just don’t let your co-workers think there’s a cow sitting next to them.

A high energy snack for the midday slump

Pick-me-up snacks are a must. Think healthy, like almonds or granola bars so you don’t feel worse after consumption.

Gentleman, it’s always best to be prepared. Get these 12 must-have items to your desk before it’s too late. You’ll thank me later! The one thing I would add to this list is a spare gym outfit so there’s never an excuse to skip a workout.