Friday’s 15 Things

1.Talks of the billion dollar beer deal continued since last Friday’s 15 Things and Miller and Bud finally came to an agreement. Miller was valued at $109.4 billion. Cheers to the merger that is creating a 250 billion dollar beer giant that controls a third of the world’s beer supply.

2.Here’s a slideshow on what pop stars looked like when they released their first albums compared to now. J Lo is the only one who looks exactly the same (God Bless her amazing genes!)

3. Ever wonder what happened to the winners of American Idol? Yeah, me either… But just in case you are wondering or ever decide to start, here’s where all 13 of them are today…

4. I listen to Z100 almost every morning and I’ve only ever imagined what the cast looks like. Today, I decided to investigate and the voice doesn’t always match the face. Take a look for yourself here.

5. Disney released never before seen Robin Williams outtakes while filming Aladdin. Fair warning that you’ll be so happy while watching but will also have a gut wrenching feeling of sadness when it’s over.

6. I owe Google a lot for helping me with my Friday’s 15 Things, and well, everything else in my life. So here are 38 photos of Google’s rise from a Stanford dorm room to world domination.


There are 69 days until Christmas! And 14 until Halloween. If you’re Jewish you better start planning that vacation and for everyone else, there’s only two weeks until the costumes are debuted. Hustle!

8. Nude photos of Justin Bieber hit the internet last week. Here are 9 photos of Michael Keaton instead!

9. Today (October 16th) is National Boss’s Day! So be sure to celebrate the boss in your life today. It’s one day. Pretend if you have to. Tomorrow is National Pasta Day. You know how to celebrate.

10. McLaren Automotive may only be 5 years old, but the automaker is an offshoot of the McLaren Technology Group (a company born out of the racing team founded by legendary racer and innovation Bruce McLaren in the 1960s). The McLaren 650S is the high-tech supercar that you won’t be able to look away from. Google it.

11. There are 25 songs that defined the summers of the ‘90s and continue to bring us back in time every time they are played. Of course, my favorites will always be the Spice Girls 1997 hit “Say You’ll Be There” and Brandy’s 1998 “That Boy is Mine”.

12. There’s something fascinating about famous last words. Philosopher, Karl Marx chose these as his, “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough” and Bob Marley’s were “Money can’t buy life.”

13. This is America. So it’s in our nature to rank absolutely everything. Including the 20 most generous people in the world. Which may be one of the most important rankings released yet.

14.I love cheese. I love cheese on crackers. I also love my cheese with wine. But something I’ve never tried is beer and cheese. Business Insider shows us exactly how we should explore this uncharted but delicious territory. Because let’s be realistic. Cheese is good with just about everything.

15.Here’s 10 things you need to know in the world of advertising today.

Halpy Friday!