A Selfie A Day

On October 24th, 2014 my life was on the brink of change. I remember feeling different and sensing a change in myself that would quickly lead to an overall change in my life, my location, my love and my lifestyle. This is the same day I downloaded an app called Close-up where I committed to taking a photo of myself (almost) every day for an entire year. I wasn’t very happy at this time and I could tell that I was exuding negative energy all around me. I thought that this might work as a daily reminder for me to smile and be happy. But it represents more than just that now.

I secretly had higher expectations than just encouraging myself to smile more. I wanted to visually see how the changes in my life affected my overall appearance and energy by capturing my mood in a daily photo.

When you dedicate time to doing this every day it becomes a part of your routine and your life, allowing this project to turn into more than just smiling for the camera and way more about capturing a small moment in time that might have not been memorable otherwise. Think about all the moments that pass you by. Think of how many you remember. Think about how many you recall from photos you’ve taken. This collection of selfies allows me to hold on to one more extra second of me and reflect back on the days this year that have shaped who I’ve become.

These selfies weren’t meant to be shared. They weren’t taken at the time for anyone but me. Some days I smiled, other days I got a little goofy but most of the time, I wouldn’t alter my expression for the photo and would capture the exact mood of the moment. I promised to keep it as genuine and authentic as possible to how I was feeling. And now that a year has passed, I feel like I completed what I set out to do and am ready to give the app a break. But I do encourage all of you to try it for a dedicated period of time. The vulnerability you experience will make you stronger and your commitment to the project will subconsciously grow your confidence.

Since October 24th, 2014, a lot has changed. But one thing that hasn’t is that I am and always will be in control of my own happiness.