Sunday Shoot in SoHo

I am so excited to share some of the photos taken by my lovely friend, Nadia Kahn. Luckily for me, Nadia is dedicated to growing her already impressive photography skills and experience so I got to be her model for an entire day. We had quite the adventure frolicking around SoHo and even met some nice people along the way (who I’d like to recognize for helping our shoot flow seamlessly from one outfit change and location to the next). Who knew a photo shoot would be a great way to make friends? 23063280561_dd009f2761_o


We kicked off the day at Happy Bones NYC, a cute little coffee shop perfect for catching up on life and shooting some test shots. The owner here doesn’t even mind if you spill your coffee everywhere. Trust me. I know…

After finishing our coffee and brief life updates, we walked across the street to a great fence covered in ivy. Snap, snap, strut, snap. Time for an outfit change before heading to the next location.


When you take your photo shoot to the streets of SoHo, you have to get creative with the outfit changes. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon Fillmore & 5th who let me change and touch up in the privacy of their fitting rooms. Thanks to them, out of 4 outfit changes, there was only one instance where I changed on the street. And this was only because we wandered a little too far away to go back. But as a dancer, I am trained for these types of situations. Nadia even seemed impressed. I’ll spare the details and let your imagination do the work for me.

Fillmore & 5th
Fillmore & 5th is a sweet designer consignment shop that has tons of great stuff and runs a concierge service for selling your clothing through Cross Roads Trading Co. The staff was kind enough to let me use their fitting rooms to change in-between scenes. I would definitely recommend checking them out and hopefully I will be able to partner with them in the near future to sell some of my favorite pieces to all of you!


Next, Nadia took me to Barber’s Blueprint where I played around with their outdoor seating and turned a bunch of passerby’s heads by rocking an outfit a little questionable for 47 degree weather. Eventually we made friends with the owner and he let us bring the shoot inside.I don’t typically spend my time in barber shops but if I did, I would certainly give this place a shot. By the way I heard the owner order his lunch, I can tell he’s a class act and a man after my own heart, requesting his pizza “extra crispy”. Check them out at 181 Mulberry Street in NYC.

Nadia had a great idea to shoot at the graffiti collab “What Lifts You” by Kelsey Montague, an up-and-coming pen and ink artist, who is taking her work to the public in a big way. Her work (pictured below) intersects street art and social media (#WhatLiftsYou). This spot was swarming with tourists and other photographers, which made me feel right at home. Except that I was again, the only one in clothing not cut out for the temperature. We aimed to end the shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge but got distracted on some sweet steps instead. Brooklyn Bridge Shoot Coming Soon!

Nadia taking off her layers to get on my level and showing off her modeling skills! She’s got talent in front of the camera too.
The stairs where we wrapped up our SoHo shoot!

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better fall afternoon to shoot in. We closed out the day with a Bloody Maria and Margarita at Anejo in Tribeca.

Anejo’s “Bloody Maria” (Bloody Mary’s spicier step-sister)

The brunch here is delicious and we plan to go back to participate in their bottomless option, where we do plan on wearing pants, but we don’t plan on stopping at one drink.

 You should all check out Nadia’s amazing work on her website and Instagram! You won’t regret it. She is super talented and a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the photos she captured soon and to working with her again in the future!