The Seasonal Beauty Survival Kit

Winter is coming.

With each season, your beauty regiment should adjust according to the different elements you are being exposed to. Winter requires beauty products that will help you cope with the drop in temperature and harsher weather conditions. Dealing with Winter’s extreme elements will be much more manageable with these products from my Seasonal Beauty Survival Kit- The Winter Addition:


It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum is my go to hair treatment for controlling frizz and static while adding shine. This serum nourishes your hair and seals in the cuticle for extra protection in the colder months. I highly recommend this for all types of hair (about $25):

Revlon’s Treat & Boost nail formula is for daily application to promote nail growth and prevent breaking or splitting during the dry & cold winter months (about $6):

treat and boost

Crabtree & Evelyn’s- Gardeners Hand Therapy provides instant relief for dry hands and cracked nail beds. This formula is great for on the go because it’s not greasy, especially considering how immediate the relief is (about $9):


Neutrogena’s micro-mist airbrush sunless tan is my favorite self-tanner on the market right now. The application is super easy and takes significantly less time than its lotion like competitors.  This mist will automatically give you a natural glow when your summer tan leaves you for good in the dead of winter (about $10):

neutrogena sunless tanner

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm instantly soothes dry, chapped lips. it only takes one application for the formula to protect and repair all day long ($20):

bobbi brown lip balm

Lubriderm Moisturizer is developed by dermatologists making it great for all over application. I use this on my entire body, including my face. It’s a light weight formula that locks in moisture without leaving residue or making you feel greasy. This lotion is a key component of my everyday beauty ritual, all year long but becomes even more necessary in the winter (about $9):


Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer is another product I use basically all year round but it’s extra important to have makeup that hydrates as it protects in the winter. Also, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stop protecting yourself with SPF. The sun can cause just as much damage in the winter as it can in the summer, your exposure is just a little less frequent since it’s dark by the time you get out of work. This product does all of the above while providing you with a flawless complexion and the perfect balance between moisture and tinted coverage ($44):

bb cream

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream will be your best kept secret for neat and healthy cuticles. During the winter, my nail beds get so dry and cracked from the cold. Apply a little of this before you put on your gloves in the morning and you will keep your cuticles conditioned all day long ($6):

burts bees

As my tan fades, so does the blonde hair on my arms colored by the sun. As the darker hairs start to show up, I bleach them along with any other unwanted dark hair with Sally Hansen Crème Bleach Kit. This is a way better habit to get into over shaving as the hair texture stays soft to the touch and just becomes less noticeable ($8):


Coconut Oil is an all natural alternative to so many beauty products you already own. This is a great option for the winter time because it adds extra moisture to remedy and prevent dry, winter skin. Coconut oil can replace your hand & body lotions, shaving cream, deep conditioning hair masks, eye makeup remover, face cleansers and massage oil.  Read more about Coconut Oil here (about $25):

coconut oil.JPG