16 Things I’m Taking into 2016

1. This blog and even more excitement for what’s to come for halpydays in the new year.

2. The goal to grow in both my career and self-happiness (kicked this off right at the tail end of 2015 with a promotion to Account Executive!)

3. Great memories from three incredible trips to Utila, California and the Dominican Republic and the intention of checking off a few more places on my to-do travel list.

4. My new found love for CKO kickboxing.

5. A healthy attitude towards my health and wellness. Because being healthy starts with a positive mentality towards yourself.

6. My continued determination for working out (almost) every day and occasionally, when I’m feeling super ambitious, twice a day.

7. Falling in love all over again with snowboarding thanks to my bad ass boarding boyfriend.

8.  The guy I kissed ringing in 2015. (Don’t worry, they’re the same guy!)

9.  A perfect apartment shared with a great friend (shout out to Jess!) that will hopefully be released into 2017.

10. More patience for people who talk on their cell phones and play video games on the bus with the volume on full blast.

11. New headphones since I’m already questioning the above resolution.

12. The resolution to start writing again for myself and not just for this blog because it’s a great form of therapy.

13. A newly purchased yoga membership because working out isn’t just about weights and doing it in my apartment with Jess will inevitably turn into a dance party.

14. A commitment to smiling more at strangers (in a non-creepy way).

15. Exploring all opportunities to learn interior design skills since the more I watch HGTV’s Fixer Upper the more I fall in love with it.

16. Enjoying each and every moment, ordinary or extraordinary, since neither one carries more weight of significance in the bigger picture. Every moment counts.