The gift of good gift giving 

Gift giving is an art form. You either have it, or you don’t. A good way to tell if you’ve got the gift of gift giving is by you feeling as much joy and satisfaction from the experience as the recipient does. 

Here are some examples of successful gift recieving experiences I’ve had and how they ended up being much more than just tangible things. 

  • A camera which has encourage me to capture memories and create beautiful books and blog posts filled with perfectly pixelated images, taken all on my own. It has helped elevate my creativity and allows me to relive special moments in my life. 
  • A custom built kitchen table which has brought and will continue to bring friends and family together for both meals and conversation in my new apartment.
  • Business cards for my blog, so that instead of jotting down the url on napkins or scrap pieces of paper, I am now able to get the word out about halpydays in a meaningful and memorable way. 
  • A collage from my first 10k including pictures and my bib number in a beautiful frame.
  • A hand drawn photo of one of my favorite photos and memories for Valentine’s Day. 
  • Lovely and romantic hand written cards. 

These gifts were all given to me by one person. And I have realized now that he is the epitome of a good gift giver. 

Thank you Cody, for your continuous generosity and thoughtfulness!