16 Goals for 2016

1. Pick up where I left off.

I’m going to finish the half-read books on my shelf, eat what’s in the cupboard, and wear what I own in new ways.

2. Seek out ways to appreciate the way people are, not the way I want them to be. 

My job is not to fix those around me but to love them the way they are.

3. Make time for my good friends.

The amount of friends you claim to have won’t change how loved they make you feel. In fact, the more you focus your time and energy on the good quality people in your life, the better off you’ll be.

4. Focus more on what my body allows me to do, rather than what it looks like while it’s doing it.

Our bodies are beautiful. Instead of getting so caught up in how we look or other people’s opinions of how we look, we should focus our energy on how lucky we are to be physically capable of so many things.

5. Enjoying simplicity when it’s available.

I will continue to practice loving the simple things just as much as I love the extraordinary things in my life such as, sitting still, enjoying the company of those around me, a good days work, finding the perfect position while posted up on the couch, and a good book.

6. Being more than ok with the idea of spending time alone.

Being cognizant of the fact that time alone is healthy and always provides a great opportunity for self-reflection. I don’t have to “go out” to enjoy my free time and a lot of great moments can and will still happen when I’m all by myself. Alone time can bring just as much satisfaction, if not more than being surrounded by people for long periods of time, if you’ll allow it to.

7. Find meaning and joy in the work I do.

I aim to infuse purpose in all the work I do, through the entirety of the time I’m doing it. The enjoyment and meaning should be established throughout the creative process, not just at the end when it’s been completed.

8. Start my own traditions.

I want to make the most special days of the year reflect who I am and how I want to celebrate my life and the lives of my loved ones.

9. Do a “spend cleanse”.

Because not everything we need costs money. I will only use what I have for a period of time in order to teach myself the art of denying immediate gratification. I aim to show myself that I have everything I need, or at least, more than I think I do even though it may not always feel like it.

10.  Continuing the practice of living within my means.

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet. The money I make will never be viewed as “spending money”. As much as I love new clothes and accessories, adventurous trips and relaxing vacations, obtaining them should never impede on my livelihood or savings plan.

11. Rid my life of the meaningless knick-knacks.

With the intention of feeling at peace with my space, I will discard (donate/give away) all the belongings that are no longer purposeful or beautiful to me. The things I still find meaning with and choose to keep will all have a “home” or a space to return to after use in order to maintain a more effortless and calm flow throughout my living spaces.

12. Make meaningful memories without feeling obligated to share them socially.

I will try to focus my time and energy on making memories that create meaning exclusively for the experiencers and aren’t necessary for sharing or social media.

13. I aspire to be someone who gives things meaning, not someone who seeks things to give them meaning.

Rather than chasing “success,” I choose to chase kindness. In my story, wealth is no marker for a life well lived. Open-mindedness, taking chances, chasing your dreams, laughing until your cheeks hurt and following your heart is.

14. Give my energy to what matters most.

By doing the most important things in the morning, when you have the most energy, you will be more successful in completing all of your goals for the day. Doing so will also help you define what really matters.

15. Shed what no longer serves me. 

I will try to teach myself to let go of the big things by learning to let go of the little things first. It is easier to bypass thoughts and emotions that are negative in nature when you accept that they will only weigh you down and hold you back from personal growth.

 16. Take a step back and take it all in.

I tend to rush through life and before I know it, Monday turns into Friday and the weeks just fly right on by. I hope to pace myself, enjoy the time I have more carefully so as not to let the weeks blow by without making meaning in the bigger picture of my life.

I hope to be mindful, present and intentional with everything I do because it is no longer about the quantity of what is accomplished, but the quality of what becomes of it all.