Super Spoilers of Super Bowl 50

(Warning: this post contains Super Bowl spoilers)

After the wings, beer and loud/rambunctious company, one of the most important reasons for watching the Super Bowl is for the commercials. Heck, I’d even argue that the commercials are at the same level of importance as the wings making the football game fall to second place.

In honor of the big event, here are some of the 2016 Super Bowl commercials so you can be that annoying person at the Super Bowl party who quotes them verbatim. JK. Please don’t be that person. Maybe just don’t stress so much about running to use the restroom during the commercial breaks since you can always come back to enjoy them right here at halpydays.

Brands pay top dollar for these media spots so we have increasingly high expectations for these commercials to be super (bowl) entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites: