International Beauty Show- NYC

If you were feeling extra lazy this Sunday, it’s because all of the energy was at the International Beauty Show in NYC. The Javits Center was bustling with beauty gurus and I had so much fun exploring all of the great brands and meeting new people in the industry.

I plan to take some time to test out all of my new products in hopes of making the reviews as informative as possible! As always, I want you to be halpy with all of your beauty buying decisions, especially those I’ve personally endorsed.

In the mean time, here are some brands I suggest you explore based off of today’s positive first impressions:

  1.  Morphe: Based out of Burbank, California, this beauty company hooked me up with the prettiest pink brushes I’ve ever seen! They’re also vegan and ever-so-soft to the touch. I haven’t even had the chance to use them yet but am so in love with how they look and feel. The brand representatives at the show were also super friendly and informative. First Impression Score- 9!  
  2. Layrite: Men’s grooming products for Barbers by Barbers. This company has some awesome smelling grooming products for men. I am pumped to give my boyfriend their Super Shine Hair Cream and Cement Wax that holds like wax but washes like a gel. I also love their presentation and packaging. First Impression Score- 8.5! Mostly because I can’t really do much with this stuff until I give it to my male model to test out. Review to come from Cody but I’ve got a good feeling about this one! img_4155
  3. Turbo Power: A styling tools company that makes all of their high-quality and high-tech tools in Italy. Ever since I started using their Forte Ionic Hair Dryer 3 years ago, bad hair days are a thing of the past. You can see my blow out secrets with this light-weight, 4 temperature bad boy that dries hair 60% faster than other dryers in this video. I am so excited to be testing out their newest product hitting the market in just a few months! Details to come on how to get your hands on it! First Impression Score- 10! But I’m a little biased since this technically isn’t a 1st impression. Luckily for me, I make the rules.