The Lincoln Tunnel 5k Challenge

Running through the Lincoln Tunnel is something I dream about doing every second of my rush hour commute into Manhattan. This past Sunday, my dream finally came true, only as soon as I arrived on the other side of the Hudson, I ran right back to Jersey. In 24 minutes and 37 seconds total to be exact, placing me 7th in my age group out of 164 and 30th overall out of 1,093 females.


I am very proud of myself seeing as I didn’t get nearly as many miles in as I planned to before race day. In the end, CKO Kickboxing helped maintain my endurance during the awfully cold and windy winter-like conditions we’ve had the past 2 weeks. I enjoy running but I don’t enjoy running in the cold so I am happy to confirm that CKO and its high intensity training kept me in good enough condition to impress myself at the finish line.

img_4549Nicole, my workout girlfriend and I have our next challenge in just 2 weeks. This race helped us refocus and reset our minds and bodies for the City Challenge in Jersey City on April 23rd.

But that mentality could wait a few more hours until after a buffet brunch at The Madison in Hoboken where we enjoyed Bloody Mary’s, Oysters and a chocolate fountain.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising site for the NJ Special Olympics. Nicole and I raised $220 total! This race was not only a fun and challenging experience for us but also provides similar opportunities to others! It’s things like this that allow everyone, not matter what physical limitations they may experience, to have accessibility to the resources that encourage a healthy body and mind!