Jersey City Challenge 

If you haven’t signed up for a City Challenge Race yet, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but- you’re totally missing out! Carrying sandbags and cinder blocks has never been more fun. You’ll be so proud of your minor bruises that they will stand as symbols of accomplishment for the entire week afterwards. I finished in 31:59 (but I’m too proud to round up to 32 minutes) and placed 47th out of 500 women and 23rd in my age group. I averaged about a 10 minute mile which is great (for me!) considering there were obstacles flooded throughout the race. Speaking of flooding, the rain made some of the ground and obstacles pretty slippery which added extra stability practice to the experience. But I can’t complain because it certainly kept us nice and cool!


Competing with a group is highly recommended and makes getting through the obstacles much more enjoyable. I raced with Team Legacy representing Legacy Athletic Club in Cedar Knolls, NJ and we had the biggest team in the race! 61 people strong and more eager to cross the starting line than any other group in the line up. Our excitement flooded Journal Square and we carried it proudly all the way through the finish line.


Brian Weber (pictured top row, 2nd in from the left), the gym’s owner has truly found his calling in life. He is the perfect guy to be doing what he does- motivating people to get through all of life’s obstacles. Brian and his team of elite trainers took the place of the sun and shined on this very overcast Saturday. They encouraged Team Legacy, and others to push through all of the tough moments and to keep going, no matter how much our thighs burned and arms wobbled.

Luckily for you guys, they video taped the whole thing. Because who doesn’t enjoy seeing people endure physical pain to only push through to become stronger? Plus I have to say, I have the sexiest running face and you’ll all be very lucky to experience it via video. Sneak peak, it strongly resembles this puppy:


(Just with a little more hair in the eyes and sweat on the forehead.)

I’ll be sure to share the video after they edit it. In the mean time, enjoy these photos of the experience:

I am so graceful on the rope climb…

city challenge race 4city challenge race 3city challenge race 2

Next race on the calendar is the Newport 10k in Jersey City on May 14th. Tomorrow, I up the mileage and start pushing my time down in hopes of beating last year’s. Check back for more fitness inspiration to come all spring and summer long!