Keeping On.

It keeps changing. But what else is new? Life is like a rolling wave onto distant and unexplored shores. Sometimes it feels like pieces are missing. But it’s only a matter of time until they’re fulfilled once more. Only this time with even more elevated experiences and meaningful memories. I’ve learned and know that it only gets better from here. If you want it to. And I do.

I once concerned myself with other’s opinions. Even though they never really mattered. But the choices I make, are mine alone, as are yours. What a brilliant concept and yet it is always undermined. My passion pervades me, winds me tight, until I burst and excitement spews from my pores. You could be threatened. As I will always succeed. Success in the sense that I will always find my own happiness, with or without you. But you really shouldn’t be. And if you are, try to channel that energy else where. Maybe join my journey instead of resent it.

I will constantly put myself in uncomfortable situations, in hopes of growing more accustomed to the unexpected. Anything to train my mind and body to react true to my innate sense of self. I will observe myself and others, process and re-think, reiteratively. Like the sun shines and the moon glows.

I will always look to the sky for stars and dive inside your mind and heart with curiosity. Because it fuels my creativity. I will keep on.