15 Things to Unload From Your Life RN

1.Your uncertainty for traveling alone or traveling period. Just book it. I can’t even count how many “grown ups” that have approached me celebrating my eagerness to explore and have encouraged me to keep taking advantage of my time to do just that.

2.The desire to please others before you’ve pleased yourself.

3.Fear of rejection. Their loss. Really.

4.Your seething envy for those who seem more happy than you. Chances are they’re really not. But let’s hope they are and worry about ourselves.

5.Lack of empathy for other people’s opinions. Our hearts will only hurt more by contributing to conversations with disrespect and closed minds.

6.Any type of social device one hour before bed. An iPad doesn’t count if you have books on it. But it should be on airplane mode.

7.Whatever is standing between you and your highest opinion of yourself.

8.Your bra before happy hour, or on the elevator up to your apartment.

9.The conception that you can change someone.

10.The desire to be the person who has changed someone.

11.FOMO. You’re not there. OH WELL. Accept it and move on. There is so much to be done! Like binge watching Peaky Blinders and then spending 2 hours Googling “Tom Hardy”. Or using your mom’s ancient food processor to make homemade hummus (YUM!). P.S. They don’t make kitchen appliances like they used to.

12.Whatever voice inside your head that’s holding you back from going on that date. Just go. If it sucks you’re going to have a great story for your next one that doesn’t.

13.The expectation that your employer will look out for you and has your best interests at heart. They might. But you should always keep your options open and your hunger for success on the forefront. Don’t let more than 6 months go by without going on an interview (just to practice and to see what else is out there).

14.The notion that a mind and body in motion is a happy one. It’s actually ok to do nothing. In fact, I encourage it.

15.The pressure to write just to fill up space. I blog when I feel inspired. And that’s what makes this special.