Reflecting on My First Solo Adventure

A few weeks ago, I quit my job and booked a last minute trip to Croatia. For the first time in my life, I did exactly what I wanted to do without worrying about anyone else. I am looking forward to sharing photos, videos and more in-depth details of the trip. Until then, here’s a quick reflection on what I practiced while traveling on my own this past week:

  1. How to love myself and put myself first (when appropriate).
  2. Engaging with others with an open heart and mind.
  3. Keeping my expectations reasonable which allows them to be absolutely blown away.
  4. My British accent.
  5. Geography.
  6. Going with the flow.
  7. Spontaneity.
  8. Creatively exercising in unorthodox places.
  9. How to live in the moment.
  10. Being true to myself without being phased by those who may not like it.
  11. Packing lightly and learning that it’s possible to pack even lighter.
  12. How to fillet a fish.